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#70 Create an HTML Table of Contents from PDF Bookmarks the PDF page of interest. This kind of seamless integration of HTML and PDF pages requires some. Posted on April 22, at Dear all,. I found in the STM32F10x_stdperiph_LIb file Stm_eval_lcd.c. This file is firmware driver for. HXA hx Driver20HX HX Driver. Download() Up vote(0) Down vote(0) Comment(0) Favor(0) File list: Driver20HXpdf.

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This is a bilingual review — English text is presented below. Resource manager can manage all the storage files and SD card files. Also can playing the music and movie. Pictures and E-book and so on. Setting include: 1 Keytone setup. Free space information. Version information.

Default setup. Individuation setup: power off, standby pictures, starting music, auto power off, low battery, screen saving etc. Windows system Win98 above can recognize the machine automatically.

Then you will find two disks in your computer, please find the one with capacity of 16MB and put the new firmware files which we put on the disk to cover the old files.

Now congratulations, you have finished the upgrade, take off the Player from the computer. Audio: Save the file as audio format, the system will play the file in folder.

Image: Save picture file. Movie: Save video file. Windows Media. As the easyGUI internal display buffer is organized exactly as the display controller RAM it is possible to edit the easyGUI library so that the declaration for the internal buffer is placed at the display controller buffer RAM location through e.

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The reason for the intermediate buffer in easyGUI is two-fold. Both reasons are rooted in the fact that an easyGUI structure collection of items to display can consist of many parts, which more or less overlap, e. In fact, this is often the case. The reasons are: Many display controllers are very slow to write to, either because of the display controller itself, or because of the way it is hooked to the micro controller like e. So, to speed up the system, the minimum amount of actual display writing is sought.

Writing overlapping parts directly to the display controller RAM will result in flickering, because partial display images might be visible for very short times. The first reason is not that relevant with the newer color based, relatively high resolution, display controllers, which are far more efficient in moving around display data than older designs.

Do you have a Linux version of easyGUI? No, we do not have a LINUX compatible version of easyGUI, however we know that this is a wish from some developers, and are considering developing a version.

Please write us to let us know that you would be interested in this version. Please observe that easyGUI works fine with e.

Driver / Controller

Embedded Linux. The above comments only pertain to the PC development environment. Does easyGUI offer any general purpose functions i. Yes, there is a collection of graphical primitives in the easyGUI library, for drawing lines, boxes, circles, ellipses, characters, bitmaps, etc. The graphical primitives are usually called as part of the screen structures constructed in the easyGUI PC development center, but can also be called directly from the target system code.

Does easyGUI support animation or movies?

HX8904TA, HX8904TB, HX8912C

Yes, to a certain degree. Simple animation can be handled by using indexed structure calls, with the controlling variable toggled at run-time. Does easyGUI support blinking cursors?

Individual characters of a text string can blink, or the complete text. This also works on Paragraph items, which shows many lines of text in one component. Does easyGUI support displaying texts and icons in varied sizes, placed at any position on the display? Yes, the display is always handled as a graphical canvas, meaning that all visual components can be placed at any position, down to the pixel level.

Bitmaps can have any size. Does easyGUI support scrolling text on the screen? Yes, by using a Paragraph item the text can scroll vertically, either pixel by pixel, or text line by text line, as desired. Horizontal scrolling can be handled through a variable being part of the X coordinate, with the variable value being incremented at run-time. Does easyGUI supports non-C compilers, e. The easyGUI library is written in plain C code, therefore working with virtually all embedded C compilers.

Other compiler types are not supported. How are the screens in practice executed and displayed? Each structure can consist of many items, where each item can be a text, a graphical component, or even calls to other structures, either directly or controlled through variables at run-time. The coding actually implemented in the target system is thus minimal, compared to traditional approaches. How does easyGUI compare to other software packages of the same type? Each software package has its own strategy on how to offer GUI functionality to the software developer.

While others have gone for a pure library solution, with a large number of function calls, easyGUI has gone a different route, moving much of the graphical work to a PC based development center the easyGUI PC development center — this approach offers substantial benefits, as the PC platform is inherently well suited for visually oriented tasks like GUI development.

All easyGUI packages include a full font editor, multilingual support, fonts, a large number of display drivers, display rotation, and much more. Asian and Middle East languages using special, and often very large character sets. The easyGUI library handles all aspects of the display handling, from initialization to screen rendering. Touch screens are of course supported. No pre-compiled source is used, everything is in plain C code. How is easyGUI integrated within the embedded system?

Normal user supplied source files. All files are compiled and linked as normally to generate the final binary. I get black boxes instead of characters on my display — why?Can I rotate the display in easyGUI?

Also can playing the music and movie. Support picture 90 degree rolling. But compromises must of course be made. Yes, easyGUI contains a complete touch interface.

Bite rate provides high quality, medium quality and low quality. For external references from your own code only GuiLib. A separate lcd driver chip would be nice to have, but my micro won't be doing too much else that will be very intensive on the CPU acquiring data via UART, CAN and maybe Ethernet , so i should have plenty of resource available to do most of this on the controller.

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